Building an SEO-ready website is the need of the hour. You can achieve business success by building a website that attracts more visitors and helps you grow your sales.

Bruce Clay has published a new blog post highlighting four stages of an SEO-driven website launch.

He says, “When launching a website, there are four stages to consider, each with its own tasks and milestones. In each of the following phases, the person in charge of SEO should cooperate with other teams (design, development, UX, strategy and others):

  1. Strategy and planning
  2. Build the website
  3. Launch the website
  4. Promote the website

Infographic displaying the 4 stages of an SEO-driven website launch.

Stage 1: Strategy and Planning

The strategy and planning stage of a web launch is fundamental for its success. This is when you lay the foundation.

In terms of SEO, the most important steps in this stage are keyword research and content architecture. Before the web design team gets to work on concepts, the person in charge of SEO needs to provide the keyword and architecture strategy. That’s because this SEO guidance will help shape how designers and developers build the site”.

The 4 Stages of an SEO-Driven Website Launch

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