Your content marketing efforts need a strong backup of tools that help in creating, optimizing and delivering content to your target audience.

State of Digital‘s Maria Raybould has shared a list of 10 tools for creating a strong content marketing strategy in 2020.

Raybould says, “If you’re looking to cut costs while still optimizing your marketing output, these tools can help. Not sure where to start in optimizing your content marketing strategy in 2020? Take a look at these top content marketing tools.

1. SEMrush Content Marketing Platform

SEMrush content marketing platform

The SEMrush Content Marketing Platform provides marketers with a comprehensive set of data-driven tools to create and execute a successful content strategy.

While a trained team might be able to work independently, the platform allows them to be on the same page quickly and cover the full content marketing workflow in one place. This includes content ideation, planning, writing, optimization, measurement and analyzing impact”.

The Top 10 Tools for Content Marketing Strategy in 2020

State of Digital

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