YouTube helps you to create a strong base for online video marketing. With carefully crafted video content, you can grow your online audience and give a boost to your business.

Jaan Kanellis has published a new guide called ‘7 YouTube Features That Will Help You Get More Views’ to help you use YouTube in marketing.

Kanellis says, “In this blog post, I’ll highlight seven of the most valuable YouTube features that can help you get more video views.

Tools That Help Boost YouTube Views

YouTube Studio Features

The YouTube Studio is an all-in-one place where video creators can go to monitor, improve, and optimize there overall channel. Within the Studio, you’ll find a Channel Dashboard, Analytics, Insights, Comment Filters and other tools that can inform your strategy. Before we dive into some of the key YouTube Studio features you’ll want to use, here’s a quick demo of how the overall tool works:

1. Channel Dashboard

YouTube Studio is a dashboard that tracks the performance of your videos and channel. It also will inform you of trends, news, and comments that are buzzing on the YouTube platform”.

7 YouTube Features That Will Help You Get More Views

Jaan Kanellis’ Blog

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