It’s critical for your site to be on the first page of Google’s search results if you want to make reasonable sales. Very few people ever scroll to the second page of search results. Reaching the second page is not a whole lot better than reaching page 50.

You really need to be on the first page to get sizable traffic to your site. But that’s easier said than done. But Luther Landro has found that you can raise your ranking and often get on the first page by cleverly taking advantage of Google News.

He is sharing what he calls his “3-Step Method [that] Guarantees First Page Ranking In Minutes” in new training just released: Effortless Google News Formula.

Landro is right when he points out that getting your content ranked in Google is becoming increasingly difficult:
• Every day there is more competition.
• Time after time, Google has changed its ranking algorithm to eliminate some of the techniques that formerly improved your rank.
• Some types of content (such as videos) that Google used to favor are losing importance in Google’s eyes.

Effortless Google News Formula takes notice of these changes and goes down a different path. Google has a natural favoritism toward its own content. If you can get Google to publish information about your site, that link can make a big difference in your search results ranking.

That’s why getting a favorable position in Google News can be a life-saver for a struggling company.

As an example of the potential, Landro shows a case of getting onto page 1 in just 2 hours after using his 3-step process.

Google, itself, has laid out simple guidelines for taking advantage of its preferred sites, such as Google news. Follow these guidelines, and it can safely boost your ranking.

As Landro says, “The truth is anyone can submit their site and become approved for Google News, if they follow Google’s guidelines.”

In this new training, he is showing you exactly how to do that (step by step) and what do do next to take advantage of your new power.

If you want to set up your own Google News site from scratch in about 40 minutes, get your copy here: Effortless Google News Formula.

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