Frederick Vallaeys says, “We’re now seeing many of the changes AdWords announced in May rolling out to all accounts. This is great news in terms of enabling new opportunities, but it’s bad news if you thought your account was perfectly structured.

While each new feature will work just fine with your current account structure, your setup may no longer be the most efficient — so now may be a great time to revisit the AdWords account structure debate. I’ll cover how each of the new features may change your opinion on the right structure for an AdWords account.

Expanded text ads (ETAs)

All accounts now have the capability to create ETAs. Because results have been mixed, as reported by Andy Taylor and Ginny Marvin, I recommend not removing legacy ads — for now, at least. While Google has announced a firm date when it will no longer be possible to create legacy ads (October 26, 2016), they have not announced when legacy ads will no longer be served. So, if legacy ads sometimes outperform your new ads, there’s no rush to make the switch“.

Why it’s time to re-evaluate your AdWords account structure

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