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Friday, February 23, 2024

Programmers Release 2.0

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Sun Microsystems, Red Hat, Novell, Intel, Propylon and independent developers have announced the release of OpenOffice 2.0. Google is going to hire programmers to help improve the free software. […]  [...]

Google Appoints Elliot Schrage as Vice President

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Google has appointed Elliot Schrage as the company vice president, Global Communications and Public Affairs. Schrage will manage relations between the company and various stakeholders around the world. […]  [...]

ASC Offers Guidelines for Spyware Recognition

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The Anti-Spyware Coalition has offered a draft version of guidelines for protection against spyware programs. This includes recognition and removal of spyware. […]  [...]

e-consultancy Announces Online Marketing Masterclasses

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e-consultancy has announced a one-day event, Online Marketing Masterclasses, to be held on 16th November in London. The event is taking place at the Royal Institute of British Architects. […]  [...]

Google TV Ads and Google Core Belief

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Google is working to resolve the conflict between Google core belief that people should see ads that they want to see and TV ads which are for general mass communication. […]  [...]

Scanning of Library Books for Google Print to Resume

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Google had given time for publishers to tell Google which books they would not like to be part of Google Print by First November. Google will resume scanning of library books from Tuesday. […]  [...]

Serious Magic Launches Free Video Blog Software

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Serious Magic has launched a free beta version of Vlog It, a software for creating video blogs. It offers a facility to drag and drop video clips into blogs. […]  [...]

Online Banks to Upgrade Security Measures

Online banks are in the process of upgrading their security measures. They will prepare their Web servers to check the place, time and type of connection the consumers use. […]  [...]

MSR Launches Search Technology Center for China

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Microsoft Research Asia has launched the Search Technology Center. MSN customers in China and around the world can search products and services. […]  [...]

Who Will Buy Rearden Commerce?

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Google, Yahoo, eBay or Amazon is expected to make an attempt to buy Rearden Commerce. Rearden provides a one-stop shop for a range of requests from courier service to travel. […]  [...]

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