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Thursday, August 5, 2021

Tube Live Profits: Hoardes of free traffic from YouTube #ad

Saul Maraney, Damon Green, Warrior Faraaz, and Venkata Ramana have joined forces to produce a novel strategy for getting traffic to your website from YouTube. Here’s what every marketer needs to know about ranking YouTube videos: your videos can get respect from Google if you: 1. Produce quality videos that people want to watch 2. Properly optimize your videos to meet the needs of your audience 3. Use the right platform to publish your videos. What is the best platform? It’s a new service by YouTube called YouTube LIVE Events. It’s the latest service from Google, and so far few... [...]

Tube Live Profits: YouTube marketing updated for Live Events #ad

Four well-known marketers have worked together to produce Tube Live Profits, It shows you how to sell your products and affiliate products using YouTube Live Events If you aren’t familiar with this new YouTube feature, you can check out YouTube’s explanation here: Tube Live Profits walks you through the whole process of: • How to set up a live event • How to optimize it for maximum exposure • How to use keyword research to attract your likely buyers • How to use this process to bring the most profit to your business. Even if you are brand... [...]