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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Gift Machine: Give away gifts to build your business #ad

People love getting something free. WP Gift Machine helps you get sign-ups, by giving them a gift, but also by attracting people to your offer and nudging them to accept it. Historically, marketers have tried using pop-ups to invite people to sign up for a mailing list. Pop-ups are intrusive and annoying. People don’t like them. WP Gift Machine is different. Its icon sits quietly at the side of the screen, with a little animation so that it is noticed, but it doesn’t demand attention. It offers a gift (sometimes called a “lead magnet”) if the user will sign up. The user... [...]

DFY Lead Pages: Build email lists in 20 niches; final launch day #ad

Ever wondered how all the top marketers and affiliates make a lot of commissions? They have built an email list. They send promotional emails to their list and get paid commissions on sales or they sell their own products. Ankur Shukla is running a 3-day launch campaign for DFY LEAD PAGES – Fully Hosted Cloud Software that provides lead ages (also known as squeeze pages) in 20 niches. In this package, there are 20 attractive lead capture pages, along with Lead Magnets (sometimes called “ethical bribes”) in the 20 niches that you can give away to get leads and build your email... [...]

Download DFY Lead Pages to Build Your Email List #ad

Through Friday only, there’s a new online sales aid that has just been launched, available at a low launch price. Ankur Shukla has just released a new package of marketing aids, DFY Lead Pages. In it you get Lead Pages, Lead Magnets and Follow Up emails that he says you can use to build your email lists and earn affiliate commissions on complete autopilot. Shukla is offering you his 20 Lead Pages, 20 Lead Magnets, and 140 Emails that he used to generate 15,936 email leads in 30 days. (Your mileage may vary, of course.) This package offers you everything you need to start building an email... [...]

WP Auto Commissions: Monetize Any WordPress Site in 60 Seconds #ad

There are at least 17 different methods to earn from your site, and new software called WP Auto Commissions automates putting them to work. This brand new plugin offers 17 different ways you can earn money from your WordPress site. There are many affiliate opportunities available to monetize your site, such as Adsense, Amazon, Ebay, Envato, Walmart, BestBuy, Banner Ads, Inline Links, INFO Link Ads, Image ads and many others. You can insert ads for any or all of these in just a moment, using WP Auto Commissions. Once you install it and enter your affiliate credentials, you just select which types... [...]

WP Affiliate Machine: Launch an Affiliate Site in 60 seconds #ad

WP Affiliate Machine has just been released by Ankur Shulka. If you want to build a site that earns money through affiliate marketing and if you are not a programmer, start with WordPress. It is the tool for non-specialists who need to build a website. It is growing more and more common daily. In fact, about one-third of the websites in the world are built on WordPress. That’s a good foundation, and most hosting companies have tools that let you instantly create a WP site; just look in the control panel (usually, it’s called cPanel). You need to setup a wordpress site. But having an... [...]

Paypal: merchants can’t live with it; can’t live without it #ad

Online merchants around the world use Paypal. It is trusted by the clients we want to sell to; trusted more than any other payment processor. We online merchants really need it. On the other hand, it’s hard to get the information Paypal has about your business by using the merchant interface Paypal gives us. So, using Paypal is often painful. When we try to do things like finding transactions, generating reports and processing refunds it can be hard and time-consuming and often frustrating. Ankur Shukla got so frustrated with how hard it was to get the information he needed that he created... [...]

PayDrill gets your Paypal account under control #ad

If you are like IM NewsWatch, you use Paypal to process all your receipts. That’s normal since there are many advantages for you and for your customers when you use Paypal. That works pretty well for a consumer who makes a few purchases each year. But as a marketer, you need to have all your Paypal data at hand, quickly and easily. You don’t want to have to crawl around in the depths of the Paypal site to find it. Digging through all the data on the Paypal site can take hours. Ankur Shukla saw that problem and came up with new software, called PayDrill, that uses the Paypal API to pull... [...]