If you are like IM NewsWatch, you use Paypal to process all your receipts. That’s normal since there are many advantages for you and for your customers when you use Paypal.

That works pretty well for a consumer who makes a few purchases each year. But as a marketer, you need to have all your Paypal data at hand, quickly and easily. You don’t want to have to crawl around in the depths of the Paypal site to find it.

Digging through all the data on the Paypal site can take hours. Ankur Shukla saw that problem and came up with new software, called PayDrill, that uses the Paypal API to pull all the Paypal data from their site onto your personal computer.

The new software manages your Paypal data in ways never before possible. If you are a merchant using Paypal, you need to consider this solution.

Look what PayDrill does for you:
■ Provides detailed intelligent analytics about your Paypal account
■ Prtovides key performance metrics about your business, from Paypal, but hidden, such as:
  • Average value per customer
  • Peak order time
  • Most refunded product
  • Paypal fees paid out
  • Who are your most loyal customers
■ Gives you a Sales Dashboard where you can find all the details

That summary data is in addition to all the sale-by-sale datail you depend on.

And, once you install PayDrill, you won’t have to visit the Paypal website for any of your data. It will all be available from your desktop, whether a Mac or a PC.

Shukla and I are offering a bundle of bonuses to IM NewsWatch readers. He tells me these are unique, but you can judge for yourself. In any event, you can see this list of bonuses here: IM NewsWatch bonuses for PayDrill

There is currently a special price available, due to this new product launch. So, don’t delay. You can get this new Paypal software and all the bonuses here: PayDrill

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