Launching today at 9:00 EST, Free Traffic Shotgun shows you a new, effective, free, and automated method for getting traffic to your website.

We gave you an advanced notice yesterday, with a lot of details. If you want a reminder, check it out here:

Today, we only want to encourage you to check out this new training.

If you have ever failed to consistently and reliably generate traffic and convert it to sales (we have), then Free Traffic Shotgun is for you.

If you have ever launched a paid traffic campaign only to have it be a waste of money (we have), then Free Traffic Shotgun is for you.

If you have ever tried weird free traffic methods that don’t work (we have done this too), then Free Traffic Shotgun is for you, too.

​If you have ever wished you could see the exact step-by-step traffic generation strategies used by multi-million dollar businesses (well, you guessed it; we have), then Free Traffic Shotgun is for you, too.

You see, Free Traffic Shotgun has one primary purpose: To give you unique free traffic generation strategies as well as the knowledge and tools to be able to drive high-quality hyper-engaged traffic to your funnels & offers on-demand

Kevin Fahey, the creator, sent us a note today, saying he is giving these three bonuses to people who invest in this new training:
• How To Setup An Online Marketing Funnel
• 3X Your Profits Training Presentation
• 15 Monetization Methods

We are adding a bonus of our own for our readers (which we have placed on, on the Thank You page): YouTube Marketing 101
• Overview of a successful YouTube Marketing Strategy
• How to create profitable YouTube ads
• SEO tools for long term YouTube traffic
• Understanding YouTube’s algorithm so you can get more traffic than your competition
• How to use YouTube Analytics to grow your YouTube channel
• How to scale and ramp up your YouTube marketing strategy

If you haven’t already looked into it, remember Fahey is an expert online marketer and this will be worth your time. Check it out here: Free Traffic Shotgun.

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