Search Engine Land’s Barry Schwartz has published a new video on conversion tracking & SEO featuring Anthony Church.

He says, ”

In this vlog series, I met with Anthony Church, VP of client services at Interact Marketing; he works for Joe Beccalori, who I interviewed before. Anthony and I went to the same university, Baruch College, City University of New York, and then we both fell in love with search marketing.

In our conversation, we spoke about two primary topics: (a) conversion tracking and (b) what SEOs should focus on. Conversion tracking is vital because without tracking what really matters, how do you know what you need to work on? Anthony shared that he often sees that most site owners are not tracking conversions. So, they are going about their marketing efforts with blindfolds on. How else do you know if your campaigns are working without tracking them properly?

We went through how to set up your conversion tracking and then moved into the broader topic of SEO”.

Watch the video here.

Search Engine Land

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