Website Builder’s Nikola Djordjevic has published 104 mobile marketing facts and statistics for 2020. According to Djordjevic, there are more than 4.3 billion Internet users around the world and 3.5 billion of them use smartphone.

Djordjevic says, “As you’ll soon see in these mobile marketing statistics and facts, there’s been a continuous increase in cellular users and, by default, mobile app users across the globe. With this, mobile marketing strategies have taken a different and more effective course.

There’s nothing as valuable as performing a periodic analysis of your competition or being aware of the digital marketing habits of professionals in your sector. This information helps you redirect and refocus your own marketing strategies. In short, recent mobile marketing surveys and stats and the results of hundreds of case studies have led to a wide range of new conclusions that you need to know”.

Here are some useful statistics:

  • 81% of internet users own a smartphone.
  • Google Chrome controls 61.77% of the global share of mobile browser usage.
  • 68% of companies have integrated mobile marketing.
  • 90% of the advertising income on Facebook is generated from the use of smartphones.
  • 90% of users make purchasing decisions through their mobile device.
  • Global in-app ad spend will reach $201 billion in 2021.

Explore detailed findings and statistics on the following page.

104 Fascinating Mobile Marketing Statistics & Facts for 2020

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