Proper analysis of your customer data along with the sales figure can help you to cultivate an insight into your marketing process and scope for it improvement.

HubSpot contributor John Hall has shared an article highlighting 10 useful reporting and business intelligence tools for marketers.

Hall says, “Reporting tools should do more than just calculate — they should also make the marketer’s job easier, and more productive. Creating attractive and readable reports is key to ensuring that the results of your work are clear for your entire team.

Here, let’s dive into some of the best data reporting tools, as well as some effective business intelligence (BI) platforms, to enable you to properly analyze your work.

Best Data Reporting Tools

Here are some tools with reporting features invaluable to today’s marketers.

1. Calendar

Calendar offers analytics of a slightly different sort — productivity. Calendar has a number of features designed to analyze how your team’s time is spent. By tracking your moment-to-moment activities on a daily basis, you can identify key areas in which your schedule could be improved.

As important as it is to have your marketing analytics at your fingertips, knowing how you use your time is just as important for maximizing output”.

The 10 Best Reporting and Business Intelligence Tools for Marketers


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