Achieving success in marketing requires a variety of tactics to be implemented. The Content Marketing Institute team has shared an article on using scrum for content marketing.

The concept of Scrum is part of an agile framework. It was conceived for complex software development projects which has been used by the marketers now.

Explaining the concept of scrum Jug Babic says, “The Scrum concept revolves around iterative, incremental delivery. In software development, the Scrum team strives to deliver increments of working software in short, time-boxed iterations called sprints. These sprints have a clearly defined beginning and end (between one and four weeks) and a clearly defined goal.

A content marketing Scrum team would operate similarly, with a set sprint length (which should remain the same for all sprints to make track efficacy easier) and a defined goal or goals. The content team collaborates to reach that goal within the designated time frame”.

How to Use Scrum for Content Marketing

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