Video plays an important role in giving an edge to your marketing campaign. It helps you get more conversions as compared to other tools.

Content Marketing Institute columnist Amanda Subler has shared some useful tips to eliminate the boredom from your marketing videos and achieve your sales targets.

Subler says, “Both B2B and B2C marketers continue to increase their use of audio/video content, including videos and livestreaming. It’s no surprise. The question is are you creating video content good enough to move the needle for your organization?

As we are working through these issues at CMI, it’s a great time to look for some inspiration and best practices for quality videos. What better place to mine for ideas than some of the best video-related sessions at Content Marketing World. From creating videos that people want to watch to finding ideas for those videos to following best practices for social media, here are some of the key takeaways from my favorite sessions about video.

Curiosity Factor: The Psychological Phenomenon Creative Content Marketers Employ to Earn and Own Attention in a Noisy World”.

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How to Avoid the Battle of Boring in Your Videos

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