Matt Mullenweg has announced that WordPress 5.0 is going to be launched on December 6. The users will be able to choose between Classic and Gutenberg on a per-user or per-post level.

says, “Based on the stability, testing, and reports on the release candidates for WordPress 5.0 so far, we are now targeting Thursday December 6th for public release and announcement. 5.0.1 will open for commits soon, and will be an area people can choose to focus on at the contributor day at WordCamp US in Nashville this Sunday.

As before, if new information arises that indicates the software is not stable, we will adjust or remove the target date.

Over 1.3 million .org sites have already opted in to either the Gutenberg or Classic Editor plugin, which is more than run any single version of WP prior to 4.7! Those sites will notice nothing change besides a version number”.

New 5.0 Target Date


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