A recent survey conducted by RBC Capital Markets has revealed that  91% of U.S. social media users have a Facebook account vs. 47%
Instagram, 42% Twitter, and 31% Snapchat .

In total, 82% of the survey participants are having a social media account.

46% of Facebook users use Messenger on a daily or weekly basis. And 12% of Twitter users use the Explore Tab on a daily or weekly basis.

Talking about the status of U.S. social media, RBC team says, “From a stock perspective, we view the U.S. Social Media results as largely affirming our FB long thesis, especially the very strong positioning of FB across almost all age cohorts, and its sector-high Engagement levels. And to the extent that FB is seeing slippage in terms of Satisfaction and User Intentions, it is at least offset by Instagram’s strong momentum across the board. Meanwhile, we view the relatively low Engagement and Satisfaction scores for TWTR, along with its somewhat soft User Intention results, as largely affirming our sell thesis”.

Internet Social Butterflies: Highlights from Our Third Social Media Survey

RBC Capital Markets

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