Your website represents your brand and projects the products/services you are offering. It works as a welcome point for the customers. A well-designed website can definitely boost your business.

Often we make website planning and designing mistakes unknowingly. Copyblogger’s Chris Garrett has shared ten often overlooked websites that can harm our business.

Garrett says, “With those in mind, I wanted to make sure you aren’t making the same mistakes. Let’s go through some of the worst offenses, shall we?

Mistake #1: Spending more money on business cards than your web host

It boggles my mind that a company with a great physical-world reputation would risk that goodwill by using a subpar web host.

In other words, if your coffee budget is 10 times higher than your hosting budget, you’re probably not getting a premium service.

Also, if your hosting company brags about having millions of customers, they might not be too upset if your site goes down — but the hit to your bottom line will be substantial”.

10 Often Overlooked Website Mistakes that May Harm Your Business

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