Keeping the growth of email marketing in mind it is very important to keep adding new subscribers to your email lists. AWeber team has identified nine ways to create audiences and convert them into leads that can be nurtured through email marketing.

AWeber’s Digital Marketing Manager Rebecca Pollard has shared eight Facebook ad targeting strategies that can help marketers build bigger email lists.

Rebecca says, “Effective Facebook ads work because of three things: clear goals, reaching the right audiences, and delivering the right message (through ad image and copy testing). You’ve got your goals set, now it’s time to find the right audiences.

Here are 8 ways to build audiences to test for your business

1. Pixeled pages

You can build an audience from people who have visited your website. This is a great way to retarget prospects that you know are already familiar with your brand, but for some reason haven’t converted. You can choose to retarget someone who has visited your entire website, one page on your website (like your homepage or order page), or people who have visited sections of your website (like your blog or a category of content)”.

8 Facebook Ad Targeting Strategies That Will Help You Build Your Email List

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