Maz Nadjm says, “We may not give it a lot of thought, but artificial intelligence is already part of our daily lives in a number of ways.

When it works well, it makes our life slightly easier – from trying to anticipate our needs (e.g. Amazon’s suggested products or Netflix’s recommended shows) to preventing us from being victims of fraud (e.g. our bank’s fraud detection systems).

As a result, our experiences as consumers and humans becomes more seamless and pleasant. It doesn’t take long to get used to this, to the point that some of us are now starting to expect a certain level of personalisation prompted by artificial intelligence systems in our interactions with brands in the B2C space.

As AI technologies become the norm, B2B companies will be expected to provide the same level of smart automation as their B2C counterparts. Most professionals are well aware of this; according to a recent report by Demandbase, 80% of B2B marketing executives predict artificial intelligence will revolutionise marketing by 2020″.

How AI is bound to change B2B sales and marketing forever


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