Matt McGee says, “Google Analytics Solutions (a new name; see below) continues its push toward the enterprise withtoday’s launch of Workspaces, a new collaborative feature that’s available in both Google Tag Manager and Tag Manager 360.

The goal, according to Google’s announcement, is to solve workflow challenges that agencies and multi-user teams often faced when making and editing tags.

Workspaces give you more than one space to do your work. Teammates can now easily work on tags at the same time, or make quick changes without publishing everything that’s in the works. Simply create a new workspace, make your changes, and hit publish. Tags, triggers, and variables being worked on in other workspaces will remain unaffected.

The new workspaces are essentially places to work on sets of changes that will become versions. When a workspace is versioned or published, its name, notes and list of changes will be carried over to the version, so you have a full history of what’s changed in your container and when”.

Google Analytics launches Workspaces for enterprise-level tag management

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