If you want to be an author, e-books are a good way to begin. The costs to publish an e-book are minimal. And the time to publication can be less than a week after you finish writing your book.

One thing that will make an important difference in your sales is the cover you use. The cover is your advertisement. It tells your audience what your book is all about (both intellectually and emotionally) and gives them a reason to buy.

Jeremiah Villagomez makes the task of creating a compelling cover much easier and quicker. He has released a collection of 40 covers (called : Ecover Genesis), both for fiction and for non-fiction. Villagomez is a professional designer, and his covers show it.

You can use his covers for all your books and customize them any way you like. Certainly change the title and author to be right for your book, but you can change the artwork, the font and more, too, if you want to.

You are getting 40 premium graphics design that will make your e-books, PDF, reports, and PLR products look like a million bucks.

There’s only a short time left before the Ecover Genesis launch offer ends. Villagomez plans to raise the price after the launch.

If you ever plan to create e-books, you will never find professional covers for a lower price (and it includes several bonuses) than the current offer. Check it out here: Ecover Genesis.

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