Good videos persuade better than poor videos; that’s a proven fact. But good videos aren’t easy to make, or at least they weren’t until EZ Video Creator.

Now, with the new software from Matt Bush, you can build videos quickly using templates you can copy and paste, and customize with your words.

Over the weekend, this new software was launched and over 1500 savvy marketers saw how much it would help their business and snapped up their own copy.

EZ Video Creator is100% Cloud-Based so there is nothing to install.

It comes with 40 pre-made templates for building your video (and our bonus gives you even more templates.) Use them to make quick videos for your own business or, since you are getting a commercial license, make videos to sell.

You can make videos for sales pages, squeeze pages and more. You can make live spokesperson videos, animated videos, etc. and you can customize them easily.

This can be a service you offer to local businesses, to marketing consultants and other marketers.

With help from Matt Bush, IM NewsWatch has arranged 4 top bonuses to help you create and sell your videos. See our bonuses here: IM NewsWatch bonuses for EZ Video Creator

Don’t delay; the price rises daily so if you wait, you will pay more. Get it here: EZ Video Creator

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