Zak Stambor says, “EBay is among the first e-commerce companies to join the FIDO Alliance, an industry group developing new authentication standards.

EBay Inc. is looking to a future in which consumers no longer have to enter a password to sign into an e-commerce site.

The online marketplace has joined the Fast Identity Online Alliance (FIDO), an industry consortium that aims to develop standards for simpler yet stronger authentication. FIDO’s members include such companies as Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd., Google Inc., Microsoft Corp., PayPal Inc. and Visa Inc.

The FIDO Alliance is trying to make it easier for consumers to access e-commerce sites from multiple devices without having to manually enter their credentials.

“We believe that biometrics, such as fingerprint technologies, form the bedrock for future authentication methods,” says Rajeev Angal, eBay’s director, trust and identity engineering”.

eBay looks to a post-password future

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