Would any of these be helpful to your business?
• Running special offers, contests & coupons
• Adding Social Media buttons & Grow your traffic
• Polling campaigns – segment visitors to increase your ROI
• Promoting Shopify products on any site with the built-in Shopify widget
• Creating multi-step opt-ins to boost conversions
• Scarcity Campaigns – add countdown timers to compel your visitors to act now

You get all this capability from Amplifire‘s built-in Drag & Drop Builder, with its 40+ customizable components to create any marketing campaign you can think of, for any purpose.

Amplifire allows you to create beautiful “Conversion Mats” in minutes using its world-class drag and drop framework. There’s a Pro upgrade that can do even more.

Use Amplifire to capture emails, promote special offers, deliver coupons, build your social media following, and more.

This remarkable software also includes Remote Commander, which gives you the ability to use Amplifire with sites you don’t own.

All in all, the creators report, “the most effective way to turn website visitors into leads & buyers (on any website or eCom store). [It] creates stunning full-screen ‘conversion mats’ that show when people land on the site or eCom store.”

Register for the launch webinar at 10 AM EST. You will see it in action and get this new software at the lowest possible price.

On this same page, you will find 3 videos that show how to improve your sales with what they call “Ninja Targeting tricks”, plus a demo of the software and more.

We used Amplifire to make a sample page. It was 11 minutes of work to build the pop-up. Another 5 to load it onto our site.

This is going to be a major new piece of software, and to make it even better, IM NewsWatch has bundled some trustworthy bonuses with this new software: IM NewsWatch Bonuses for Amplifire

If you are looking for software proven to boost profits on any Website or eCommerce Store, check out this powerul, new solution here: Amplifire

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