Today, software from Simon Hodgkinson and Jeremy Gislason , called Landing Page Monkey, makes creating opt-in pages super easy.

With this new software, even a beginning marketer can create beautiful, high-converting landing pages.

It only takes minutes, and you never need to write a single line of code. In Landing Page Monkey, there is even full analytics tool so you can track your landing page impressions and conversions and do that data to optimize your campaigns.

Look at what makes this new software so friendly to beginners:
• A low-cost flexible solution
• Simple to use web-based functionality
• Free hosting for your landing pages is included
• Landing pages are mobile-friendly
• Compatible with both HTML/PHP & WordPress
• Compatible With all autoresponders
• Comes with complete customer support.

Landing Page Monkey gives you the ability to design your page just about any way you want. You can build your pages with the click of a mouse.

Flexible options include:

■ Changing the colors you use on the page. Choose absolutely any color using the visual color chart. Just click on any color and your opt-in page to seamlessly the rest of your site.
■ Include graphics. You can include background graphics and/or graphics on by the opt-in form. Put in your logo, add an eye-catching graphic… the choice is yours.
■ Change font styles and colors. No more basic Arial or Times New Roman – now you can choose from tons of super-slick fonts that perfectly match the look and feel of your business.
■ Add animation. With a click you can choose from 30 different types of animations for your opt-in box. From subtle to bold to no animation, you’re sure to find something that meets your needs perfectly.
■ Add a background video. With just a click you can choose a YouTube video, Vimeo video or any hosted MP4 video to play on the page background. This gives your site a polished, cutting-edge feel that’s sure to impress.
■ Choose your layout. Make your page your own by choosing a layout that meets your needs. You can even import and share templates with other LPM owners.

Every online business needs a landing page. With this software, you can have yours in a few moments. Watch this demo to see more:

IM NewsWatch has arranged 10 value-packed bonuses for our readers. These bonuses will enhance your success with your landing pages:
BONUS #1 – Conversion Series Videos with Private Label Rights
BONUS #2 – Traffic Series Videos with Private Label Rights
BONUS #3 – Top 10 List Building Mistakes Lead Magnet PLR Package
BONUS #4 – Dedicated Email Drops 101 Lead Magnet PLR Package
BONUS #5 – Conversion Samurai Lead Magnet PLR Package
BONUS #6 – List Monster Lead Magnet PLR Package
BONUS #7 – List Segmentation Lead Magnet PLR Package
BONUS #8 – Inbox Infiltration Lead Magnet PLR Package
BONUS #9 – Link Supercharger Software
BONUS #10 – SureFireWealth Silver Pass for 1 Year

Find out why so many others are using this app to create their lead pages, and why you may want to, as well, by clicking here: Landing Page Monkey.

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