When done right, Facebook advertizing can be quite profitable. But it requires you to promote a good offer and to target the right audience.

Unfortunately,many people find that (1) it’s hard to figure out what is going to sell and (2) what the best audience for it is.

That’s why Sam Bakker and his partner, Brad Stephens have spent the last few months finding a way to solve these two problems.

Their answer is Audience Drill, which lets you not only search for what your competition is posting on Facebook. In addition, it shows you the right audience to target for your offers.

Audience Drill offers you:
• A simple and easy to use web interface that works on both the Mac and the PC
• A new search facility you can use to view posts from your competition
• A new way of using the Graph Search to discover Pages, Favorite interests, Groups and Places and target them with your ads
• A new way of digging down into audience targeting that saves lots of time in choosing your audience

Bakker reports that this new software is fully compliant with Facebook’s terms of Use, so you don’t need to be concerned about being banned for using it.

Audience Drill is easy to use, and it will help you to gain an extraordinary advantage over your Facebook competition for whatever you sell, whether your own product or an affiliate product.

It goes live at 9am EDT today, with an early bird discount here: Audience Drill

If you are a very early bird, Bakker is hosting an introductory webinar at 8:30 AM to show off its power. Audience Drill Webinar.

Whenever you see this today, you will get introductory pricing, so check it out here: Audience Drill.

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