The “sales funnel” or “product funnel” is a central element of online marketing (or any wise marketing, for that matter. Grocery store “loss leaders” are an example from offline marketing.). You attract interest by offering a free (or, occasionally, low-priced) product. Then you offer additional products to those who accept your initial offer.

The are called “funnels” because they are wide at the beginning and grow narrow as they go on. That is, many people accept the initial offer, and as additional offers come, with prices growing ever higher, fewer and fewer accept.

But the follow-up sales are a major part of the income opportunity. Without a funnel, you miss those additional sales.

Creating a site with the whole funnel can be a lot of work. As many as a dozen pages may be needed to build the whole funnel, plus legal pages, the “About ” page, etc.

To make it easy for you to build a complete funnel, Barry Rodgers and Val Wilson have created software that automates your work, Funnel Factories Pro.

This simple to use software builds your whole site:
• Your squeeze page
• Your re-direct page (where people go when they fill in the squeeze page) where you can offer an OTO
• Your deliver page where people go when they confirm their opt-in (and it is fully monetized with an additional offer)
• Your legal compliance pages (the governmental authorities are looking for them and so are the search engines)
• Extra monetization through banners in your headers and footers

This Windows software gets you started in profitable marketing with just a simple setup.

In fact, for each site, it creates 6 squeeze pages in four styles so you can easily split test with your traffic to see which works best for your audience.

And they go farther. They give you the free offer you make on your squeeze page. It is a report they wrote. And they also give you the product you upsell to, a series of up-to-date WordPress tutorial videos.

You get subscribers and you get 100% commissions on the videos. And you do virtually nothing; just install the software and it does the rest.

Check out this easy-to-start business opportunity here: Funnel Factories Pro.

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