Today, I want to tell you about a man I admire greatly. And a man I count among my friends.

My friend, mentor and role model is a top official in the Indian Administrative Services. He rose from strength to strength in a high-stress, super-achieving field, and retired recently as Cabinet Secretary to the Central Government.

I learned a lot from him, but one of the most important things I learned came from his example. He was the most organized man I have ever known. As a result of his skills at organizing his business activities, he was a man who was able to accomplish a great deal of very complex work, and do so on schedule, despite many demands on his time.

Focus, orderliness and efficient execution were hallmarks of his method, but most important of all was his ability to determine what was worth his focus, his orderliness and his efficiency. The time of your life is one of the most valuable assets you have; some might even call it THE most valuable. Use it well.

I have written more about my friend on my blog. You can read the whole story here:

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