A Solo Ad is an ad sent in your behalf by the owner of a mailing list. These days, this is a growing advertising opportunity.

There are a lot of people selling solo ads to other marketers. Usually, these ads are promptly sent to their mailing list, although occasionally you find a crook who takes your money and walks away without delivering your ad.

But there is more to successful solo ad buying than just avoiding the crooks. Some people have better lists to send to than others. Your success depends on finding these people with good lists and then using their lists wisely.

Depending on how they built their list and how they maintain a good relationship with that list), you may or may not find that sending a solo ad to it worth the expense.

Gary Baker has just released Solo Ad Siphon System, in which he shares the process that works well for him:
• How to choose good lists to mail to
• How to avoid over use on one list, since no matter how good, overuse can be detrimental to your profits
• A list of list-owners he personally buys from
• Resources where you can do additional research
• What to not do so you avoid wasting money on useless ad buys

Baker reports he has found that a lot of solo ads can be nearly useless, but the information he shares works well for him.

It’s only $9.95. You can get the whole story here: Solo Ad Siphon System

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