With hundreds of thousands of products, Amazon offers a rich opportunity for affiliates. But for good results, you need to research the products to find those that will repay your efforts.
Azon Cash Cow has done the research and found 75 products that bring good sales plus good commissions to the table. The products are shown in a spreadsheet that makes finding the right one for your business easy.

This can save you hours of research. These 75 products are each so powerful that each one could be the focus of a minisite business. They have all passed through three filters:

  • Does this product also have fantastic customer reviews?
  • Are there more than two dozen customer reviews?
  • Is it not in a high competition niche (cameras, electronics, etc)?

If a product passes these tests, it’s worth pursuing. These 75 can keep you busy building niche sites for a long time. By the way, there’s a bonus of 35 more products that pass another filter that makes them even more valuable.

Find out how Azon Cash Cow can build your Amazon business here.

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