Yahoo! has lauched exclusive columns of financial experts including topics from personal finance to economic trends.

Yahoo! Finance has launched a series of exclusive finance columns from nine of the nation’s most respected authors, economists, and financial advisors.

Yahoo! Finance columns will cover a range of personal finance topics, offer investment insights, and cover the most important economic trends and issues.

The experts included in Yahoo’s list of contributors include:
David Bach, Stephen Covey, Ken Dychtwald, Robert Kiyosaki, Daniel Pink, Laura Rowley, Jeremy Siegel, Ben Stein, and Charles Wheelan.

Scott Moore, vice president content operations, Yahoo! said in the press release, “The Yahoo! Finance columnists are some of the brightest minds in the industry and strengthen our ability to provide essential financial information to our users”.

For a full list of the columnists and the columns they are to contribute to click here.






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