Social media wave has made the content marketing omnipresent. And with the addition of new tools to the social platforms the brands get an extra reach and coverage. Snapchat lense has also worked well for the brands in terms of giving them a chance to spread their content marketing.

The Entrepreneur magazine contributor Honey Singh has shared ten ways to help brands use Snapchat Spectacles for improving content marketing.

Singh says, “The current version of Snap spectacles allows users to capture life as it appears to the user. Here are some more ways how brands can make use of Spectacles for content marketing the effective way!

10 ways brands can use Snapchat Spectacles for content marketing

1. Share the news of launch by showcasing its use
Planning to launch your new product on the market? Just upload the video on social media platforms about the launch, and distribute it to different social channels. Videos add life to content and get viral quickly. Just imagine the effect of a live video on the product’s launch and speaking to your customers about the product and your story. Just let them know what inspired you to come up with a new product in the market and how is it better than your competitors. Undoubtedly, it will work like an icing on the cake on your brand’s image.

2. Give an organization’s internal tour

We all know the importance of social media marketing. Don’t you think that it will be fun to take your brand’s followers inside your organization and show them what’s happening inside? Isn’t it cool? The best thing about the video is that you can add a personal touch to it by narrating about the activities going on to generate the interest of the viewers”.

10 Ways Brands can use Snapchat Spectacles for Content Marketing