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Thursday, October 21, 2021

Archive for the 'Live Chat for Marketing' Category

Strategies to use live chat for improving sales

Live chats help you improve your communication with the customers and make them feel that you are always at their service. Live chat service can play an instrumental role in improving your sales and customer satisfaction. Shopify columnist Mat Patterson has shared some useful strategies to help marketers rightly use live chats for improving sales. Patterson says, “A good chat opportunity is one where your customer’s initial question is unclear and lacking the information you need to resolve it, or one where what’s need is a little confidence building. A live conversation could be much... [...]

‘The Ultimate Guide to Using Live Chat Software in Sales’ – HubSpot

Aja Frost says, “In the past, buyers relied on salespeople for product information. Now they can discover the same details online in a matter of clicks. But salespeople shouldn’t be content to hang back and let their prospects do all the work. Prospects still have questions they can’t always resolve by reading an FAQ or product page: Can that version do X under these circumstances? Will it support Y? What’s the vendor’s policy on Z? “When a buyer raises her hand, she’s indicating that she wants to speak with you about something specific,” explains David Meerman Scott, author... [...]