Live chats help you improve your communication with the customers and make them feel that you are always at their service. Live chat service can play an instrumental role in improving your sales and customer satisfaction.

Shopify columnist Mat Patterson has shared some useful strategies to help marketers rightly use live chats for improving sales.

Patterson says, “A good chat opportunity is one where your customer’s initial question is unclear and lacking the information you need to resolve it, or one where what’s need is a little confidence building. A live conversation could be much more efficient at handling those situations. For example, consider adding a chat option to:

  1. Your “returns” page: A customer requesting a return might truly need a refund, but they might also be confused about the product they have, and just need some quick information to feel completely satisfied.
  2. Your VIPs pages: Integrate your chat tool with order history or lifetime value for your customers, and give your highest value customers access to your support chat channel without having to show it for every customer.
  3. Shipping FAQ pages: The period between ordering and delivery can be nerve-racking for customers, and having a live chat available can build confidence and shortcut a lot of “where’s my item?” emails”.

How to Save Sales and Solve Customer Problems with Live Chat

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