Website migration is a serious affair. In this process, you may face issues such as losing ranks on search engines or completely losing parts of your website.

Semrush contributor Nikolai Boroda has published the Semrush website migration checklist.

She says, “Migration implies serious changes. It’s a challenging process, and you need a really good reason to take it on (we think you have one since you’ve read this far). Some of the most common reasons to migrate a website include:

  • Changing your site’s structure, navigation, or design: For when your old design needs a refresh. Or maybe your site structure and navigation scare crawlers away.
  • Moving to a new framework or CMS: You might do this if you want to improve your site’s performance, security, or even functionality.
  • Adding a mobile version: A mobile version of your site is important for anyone visiting on a tablet or cellphone.
  • Moving from HTTP to HTTPS: No one wants to visit a site after a scary pop-up tells them that it’s not safe to browse. Switching from HTTP to HTTPS helps secure your site by encrypting visitors’ information and warding off scary notices. “

The Semrush Website Migration Checklist


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