Russell Brunson is well known among our readers. He has authored several books on marketing and is the owner of a major marketing software company.

He is hosting a multi-day virtual summit on building marketing funnels to improve your online sales.

Brunson and 30+ other entrepreneurs (like Dean Graziosi, Peng Joon, and Natalie Hodson) are going to share — page by page — the exact sales funnels they’re using to grow their businesses.

Several years ago, Russell Brunson wrote the book DotCom Secrets, where he talks about the 10 core funnels that he uses every day to market and grow his companies.

To be clear, the funnels in this Marketing Funnels Virtual Summit are sales funnels that are not discussed in DotCom Secrets.

In fact, they’re not documented anywhere except inside the minds of these brilliant business owners and marketers.

The best part of Brunson’s plan is that this summit is 100% free. You just have to sign up and watch the lessons within 96 hours (because Russell wants you to take action sooner rather than later).

Register for the FREE ‘DotCom Secrets’ Marketing Funnels Summit Now: Marketing Funnels Virtual Summit.

The speakers at this summit are people who read Brunson’s boook, adapted his ideas to their own businesses and found some new effective ways to modify the funnels for special situations.

So in this Summit, you will discover these new funnels based on:
• Their own spins
• Their tweaks
• Their new angles.

These new unique funnels are so powerful that they’ve helped catapult many businesses to the ‘Two Comma Club’ (i.e., million-dollar earners) and beyond.

Get the summit details (the new funnels, the speakers, etc.), and register for the free event here: Marketing Funnels Virtual Summit.

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