In 2021, digital marketing continues to evolve with new platforms and features added to the existing ones. With a multi-faceted and diverse approach, one can achieve digital marketing success.

Entrepreneur magazine contributor Kevin Leyes has shared five digital marketing trends for businesses in 2021.

He says, “In this article, we’re going to be discussing five digital marketing trends that every business should keep an eye on in 2021 so that you can begin strategically developing and structuring your plans to give your business a competitive edge.

1. The (continued) rise of social media

Inevitably, social media will continue to serve a pivotal role in digital marketing strategies in 2021.   such as  and  may have been created as a means for interpersonal communication, but they have since become pivotal marketing tools. Through social media, businesses have the perfect platform through which they can easily create and publish content, market their products and/or services as well as interact with their target audiences”.

5 Digital Marketing Trends For Your Business In 2021


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