Russell Brunson, for many years, has held a live training conference each summer, that he now calls the Two Comma Club (originally, it was called Funnel Hacking Live).

Each year he brings marketing experts to Boise, Idaho, and invites marketers who want to grow their business to participate in this training.

This year, in light of the public health need to minimize direct person-to-person contact, he has decided that the conference will be virtual, streamed live online, July 25-27.

For you, there are three advantages:
1. You don’t have to leave home, avoiding the inconvenience and the travel expense.
2. You can watch the conference whenever you like. Watch it more than once if you like, through July 30.
3. You only decide after you have participated whether it was worth the investment. On day three, he will refund your deposit if you ask.

► Day 1 is dedicated to How To Find Your Voice, Choose your Product and Get Your Audience To Find You
► Day 2 is focused on the four types of funnels that drive 98% of your traffic and sales
► Day 3 is dedicated to scaling your business, going From 6-Figures To 7, and from 7-Figures To 8.

Besides these day-long sessions, he is including two bonus sessions, at night, to help you build your business even more effectively.

If you hurry, you can get a $50 discount, here: Two Comma Club (originally, it was called Funnel Hacking Live).

Here is what to do:
Step #1 – Reserve Your Seat- put in your credit card deposit right now to reserve your virtual seat.
Step #2 – Attend The Conference- you (and your entire family, if you like) attend the 3-Day online conference so you can create your own path to the “Two Comma Club”

      By the way, you will also get a sneak peek inside of the “Funnel Hacking LIVE” vault, and see some of our top presentations of all time.

Step #3 – Decide If It Was Worth It- if you don’t feel it transformed your business through the practical knowledge you received, then just email them at our private email address (that you will get at the end of the conference), and you won’t have to pay a penny.

Get the whole story about this upcoming virtual conference here: Two Comma Club.

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