Search and video are crucial for businesses. By optimizing your website content for SEO you can get more visitors and with persuasive video content you can boost conversions.

Think with Google’s Kristen Shipley has shared three ways to grow your business by combining video and search.

On understand consumer perceptions to influence your approach, Shipley says, “By uncovering what information would help people better understand your product and brand, you can more effectively speak to them. Rakuten knew that customers old and new would need to be educated, not only about what it did, but even something as simple as how to say it.

“‘Rakuten’ is difficult to pronounce for many Americans, so proper pronunciation of our brand was the initial challenge for us when we considered our rebrand strategy,” said Trever Gregory, vice president of brand marketing at Rakuten”.

Reinvent your brand and grow your base by combining video and search

Think with Google

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