Holiday season is approaching fast and it’s time to sharpen your marketing tools. Email helps you to achieve your marketing goals. According to Shopify, email marketing was responsible for 24% of holiday sales during the 2018 holiday eCommerce season.

Merkle’s Patricia Kendall has shared five ways to create outstanding holiday email campaigns.

Kendall says, “Here are five keys to leveraging data and a test and learn agenda to make sure you are optimizing your email campaigns throughout the entire holiday season:

1. Start with what you know about your customer

If you do not have robust segmentation, create some simple segments leveraging what you know and have access to. Examples include: high value customers, high value seasonal customers, customers who have made a purchase, the products you are trying to push, top selling products, etc. Then figure out what data you must identify and segment these groups. Most likely this will require reaching out to other teams. Limit and prioritize the segments as much as possible.

2. Create a test list

Once you have the “who”, come up with a list of things you want to test. This is the ideation phase and quantity is more important than quality at this point”.

How to Leverage a Test and Learn Strategy to Optimize Your Holiday Email Campaigns

Merkle Inc.

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