If you’re looking for an interesting niche, one that has a long history of wide audience appeal and filled with people willing to invest in their goals, it’s hard to beat Tourism and Travel.

If you are interested in marketing in this niche, there is a new WordPress site package that can get you started very quickly.
build 100% self-updating WP travel site:

WP Travelsite was just released. It will build your travel website in just moments, and then it will maintain itself, including adding new content, automatically.

The creator of this “done for you” website is only holding the launch open for 4 days, and the price rises ever day. (But, today and tomorrow, use coupon “TRAVEL4off” to get $4 off, to reduce the price a lot.)

The price will increase again tonight so be sure to check it out today.

On your site you will be selling travel services. Travelers who visit your site can search for their travel needs from a collection of over 250 thousand hotels, 600+ flights, and rental cars.

Whenever they book a hotel, you make commissions from their vacation trip.

In addition, there’s an e-com store on your site where you can sell travel accessories, such as luggage and other travel necessities.

And don’t forget: there’s no maintenance required. You just set it up once and the site will keep pulling updates automatically (room price, users reviews, etc) daily.

If you are curious what this site looks like, check it out here: WP Travelsite.

Using this package, you can profit with over 250,000 hotels, flights and cars on your own travel/vacation affiliate site.

Here’s how it works:

1. Install WordPress (your hosting company can do this automatically.)
2. Upload the WP Travelsite package
3. Add your affiliate link and you’re done

Plus it comes with a Commercial Developer License, so you can build these sites and sell them.

And our readers get two bonuses at no extra cost when you invest:
1. CovertDealZon WordPress Plugin + White label Rights
2. G-News Curator WordPress Plugin + White label Rights

If you are looking for a “business in a box”, you have come to the right place. Get all the details here: WP Travelsite.

WP Travel Site software

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