How well does your site rank in Google? Well, that’s a trick question. There’s no such thing as generally ranking in Google or any other search engine.

You have to ask “How well do you rank for some particular keyword?” Pick a keyword that is important to your business. Depending on what business you are in, it could be “classic Chevrolets”, “video software”, “web conferencing tools”, or anything else related to your business. Now, you have a question that has an answer; the generic question does not.

But the issue is even more complex. What keywords do you want to rank highly for? You need to determine that before you ask the “How well do I rank?” questions.

You can create a list of keywords related to your business, and you can probably come up with a long list. Alternatively, you can use the Google Keyword Planner tool to suggest keywords you may want to target.

Not all these keywords will be practical for you. To do you much good, you need to be on the first page of the search results, since most people limit their investigation to links on that first page. The problem is that some keywords may be too difficult or expensive for you to rank on the first page. Practically speaking, you will never rank for one of these.

You need to find keywords that are both useful for your business and practical to aim for.

Wouldn’t it be useful to know what keywords your site already ranks for and then start there to find the ones most likely to let you move to the first page?

You could call this approach “Reverse Rank Tracking”. Instead of asking your rank for a list of of keywords, do the reverse, ask what keywords you rank for.

That’s the idea behind RankReveal software. It tells you all the keywords your site is ranking for in both Google and Bing.

Not only that, it will track how your rank changes when you start focusing on improving the keywords that look the most promising.

RankReveal is different from conventional keyword ranking tools. For these others, you need to tell them what keywords to check. RankReveal figures that out for itself.

It is able to find nearly all keywords where your site appears in the Search Engine Results Pages, both Google results and Bing results. And you could be surprised by the answers it gives. It could reveal keywords you would never think of.

Of course, this could be a huge list. But you can set up your account to limit their responses to 100 keywords (or thousands, depending on your needs.)

But it gets even better. RankReveal will let you discover who your competitors are and what their their rankings are for your important keywords. This will give you insights on what they are doing right and where they are weakest. You can use this competitive data to find keywords where you can dominate the rankings.

With RankReveal, you can analyze unlimited domains. That’s great if you have several, but even better, you can now be known as an SEO expert, selling ranking information to clients. You get “white label” reports from your analysis that you can label with your own company name, so you are the expert your clients rely on, not RankReveal.

You can track your rank (and your client’s rank) in 175+ countries, with 99.999% accuracy (as reported by the creators of this powerful tool).

This is workhorse software that provides a real service you can use to grow your business. Check it out here: RankReveal.

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