Getting new prospects and keep them with you as customers is a challenging journey. Today we have social media tools to engage the prospects but everyone is using these tools. So we need a unique strategy that works best.

The AdEspresso team has shared nine ways to use your user engagement with Instagram Hashtags.

AdEspresso team says, “Depending on your individual goals, there are many types of research for finding the best possible Instagram hashtags.

Here are the most effective techniques:

Research Relevant Topics

A good place to start is by researching trends that are related to your line of business (keywords that you currently use are a great place to kick off your hashtag research).

Inside the Instagram app, just tap the hourglass icon, then select “tags” from the dropdown menu and enter your hashtags into Instagram’s search bar one at a time.

The results of each search will reveal all the top hashtags that are closely related to the hashtag you searched, which will give you ideas for even more hashtags you can use to reach and engage with your audience”.

Instagram Hashtags Strategy: 9 Ways to Grow Engagement in 2019


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