ReadWrite contributor Brian Solis has shared an article focused on the future of commerce and experience under the influence of digital marketplaces.

Solis says, “To understand the digital marketplaces of the future, it’s vital that we understand the current state of these entities, along with their most pressing challenges and near-term growth strategies. Because there’s been precious little research done into this matter to date, Altimeter Group and Kahuna set out this year to get a handle of both the current state and future of digital marketplaces. Our findings revealed a landscape of formidable players on the cusp of their next evolution and a new chapter for commerce, platforms and experience in the process.

Key findings in our research included:

Marketplaces are bigger than we thought. Of the more than 100 marketplace executives we surveyed, the majority of participants represented high-revenue companies. One-third of those companies generated $100 million or more in revenue in the last fiscal year. Further, 38 percent earned $50 to $99 million and 25 percent claimed $1 to $49 million. The majority of marketplaces (35 percent) reported gross merchandise volume (the total value of merchandise sold to customers through a marketplace) of $500 to $999 million”.

How Digital Marketplaces Will (Again) Redefine Commerce and Experience

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