Audience engagement is the most desirable thing weather you are into ecommerce or direct marketing. Wit right engagement tricks we need to get the visitor attention so that there remains the further scope for the sales process.

The Content Marketing Institute columnist Andrew Davis has shares an useful article on improving the engagement rate.

Davis says, “Some consider engagement to be the number of shares a piece of content receives. Others believe engagement is the number of visitors to a blog post or the number of views a video receives. Still others claim they measure engagement by tracking the number of comments or conversations that result from a single piece of content. Some count “likes” and “favorites” as proof that their content is engaging.

Chances are your definition of engagement is different from mine, which is different from theirs.

We use the E word so often that, within a marketing context, the word has lost all meaning.

It’s time to fix this.

What type of video gets highest engagement?

After researching hundreds of videos over the last two years, I’ve learned one type of video typically has the highest audience retention rates: how-to videos. For example, the world’s most-consumed bow-tie tutorial video has millions of views and most of those viewers make it all the way to the end. By definition it’s engaging”.

Discover the Real Value of the E Word (and How to Embrace It)

Content Marketing Institute
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