Have you seen any downward trends in the sales? It could be due to the customer dissatisfaction or because of ineffectiveness in your marketing efforts.

Forbes contributor Jennifer Davis has shared five ways to help brands bridge the gap in their sales and marketing efforts.

Davis says, “Pointing fingers is a familiar and repetitive motion between the sales and marketing groups of many companies.  “It is very common to have marketing people complain that sales isn’t following up on leads and salespeople complain about the lead quality and quantity,” explains Bob Perkins, the founder and chairman of the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP).

Does this sound familiar?  If so, here are five best practices and approaches to bridging the gap between sales and marketing that have worked successfully.

1. Take a Walk

“On the top of my list of best practices is to have marketing listen to live sales calls,” Perkins proposes. “In and of itself, this can cure some of the ills of misalignment and the complaints that sales and marketing have about each other.” How this happens will be different for each company”.

5 Ways To Bridge Sales And Marketing Gap

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