Econsultancy is hosting a webinar on ‘Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning’ on Thursday, June 28 at 2.00 am EST.

The Econsultancy team says, “Our June webinar will examine Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and how it relates to modern marketing, drawing on key insights from Econsultancy’s upcoming report titled: “A Marketer’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning”.

Artificial intelligence has begun to change how we market and who we market to so it will be essential for marketers to understand the implications.

Key points covered: 

  • To demystify the language used around AI is and in particular what machine learning is and how it can help brands now.
  • To understand 10 ways AI and machine learning can enhance marketing and customer experiences.
  • To see how machine learning can improve conversion rate, optimise performance and be used for analytics and Big Data.
  • To share case studies how particular applications of AI are currently being used across key sectors
  • To understand key considerations around AI
  • To be able to develop an AI strategy for marketing.
  • To consider the future of marketing”.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


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