Marketing Land columnist Amy Gesenhues has summarized Facebook’s announcement at the F8 Developer Conference.

says, “Here’s the full list of announcements made by Facebook during the two-day conference:

Clear history

Facebook will be rolling out a clear history tool that will allow users to clear their browsing history on the platform. Zuckerberg called it the kind of control his company believes users should have, but only after noting that it may diminish a user’s Facebook experience.

Watch Party

Watch Party is a video tool that lets multiple users watch the same video simultaneously while being able to comment. Only a small group of beta users has access to the tool right now, but Facebook has plans to expand the availability of Watch Party in the future.

Groups tab and Join Group button

Facebook is launching a new Groups tab to make Groups “more central” to the Facebook experience and will be rolling out a “Join Group” button that developers can include on websites, in emails and other places outside of Facebook”.

The F8 Developer Conference is over: Here’s everything Facebook announced

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