Constant communication with the prospects and customers is a key to build a strong and successful brand. We need to make sure that this process does not end at checkout as it is the ultimate point from where the customer service begins.

Marketing Land columnist Davor Sutija has shared three tips to help brands engage with customers after checkout.

Sutija says, “We’ve established that, beyond physical products, today’s consumers want experiences when they shop. That’s why much of the current industry conversation around the “retail apocalypse” and how to get consumers into the store has focused on creating a unique and memorable shopping experience.

But experiences aren’t forged in a single moment. A product purchase is just the beginning, and the customer journey doesn’t end when a shopper swipes his or her credit card. The full experience continues through the interactions a consumer has when using, applying or consuming a particular product. For example, if a shopper buys a new bottle of olive oil, that experience — and their perception of the brand — will be driven primarily by the quality and taste of the product”.

How brands can engage with customers after checkout

Marketing Land

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